Ancient Sun-Raiser, a benefit for our brothers


Ancient Sun-Raiser, a benefit for our brothers

Orlando has an AMAZING music scene and we are reminded once again why we are so proud to be a part of it.  Not only do our insanely talented peers constantly inspire and consistently raise the musical bar for us, but there is a real sense of family among those of us who work so hard for pretty much the same reasons. Our efforts result in this community brought forth through the music we collectively purvey and can all enjoy; our own culture, our Orlando music scene.

And, with that sense of family in mind, we are rallying to raise funds for Rick Krasowski and Jason Zane from Ancient Sun who were caught up in a downtown fight in defense of their girlfriend and wife.  Here’s the story from the Orlando Weekly:

Hopefully, we can all come together and help make a dent in some HEFTY hospital bills totaling around $10,000.  We’ve got your backs, brothers.  That’s what family does.



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